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Hey Roger, Big D and the Winter Soldier,

Am a long time listener, first time writer, and English gent living in the tropical south of China, usually sweating my bollocks off walking to work when I listen to your majestic banter! Thanks for doing the podcast, always puts a smile on my face. Wanted to write in with a quick observation, to share a piece of music, and close on a question.

So first the observation, from Akane no Mai which I feel like almost everyone glossed over. When Lee is doing his exposition dump at the beginning of the episode, he first mentions that the chaos of Westworld must have spread to Shogun World as the hosts didn’t automatically switch to English when they encountered them. He then goes on to say to Maeve that ‘that’s the reason your vocal voodoo didn’t work, you’re speaking the wrong language’. It seems a lot of people seem to have missed the clear link here: Lee is not suggesting that the hosts are programmed to be instructed in their native language, rather that in going off their loops they are now only recognising their native tongue.

This then suggests that Ghost Nation previously would have been able to be similarly controlled in plain English, but by the time the lesser Hemsworth encounters them in Season 1 they are already slipping their loops.

Next up, I’ve attached an all acoustic guitar cover of the Westworld intro that I arranged and recorded! Hope you guys like it, and I would be chuffed (stoked) if you guys wanted to share it.

Finally, I’m really worried the show is foreshadowing the death of the MiB at Maeve’s hands. I think he will be given enough of a redemptive arc, then possibly die by Maeve’s hand. I’ll be so sad if that comes to pass as episode 4 really got me emotionally invested in the character. What do you guys think? The show is really stressing the parent and child bond so Maeve meeting the daughter of the man who murdered her own child could also be an extremely fraught encounter. Love to hear your thoughts on this guys!

Keep up the great work lads, thanks again.

Simon Haywood

Ps. Rog, enjoy my hometown Leeds! If you like coffee hit up Mrs Athas or Laynes espresso, they are the dogs bollocks! For beer you should definitely check out North Bar.

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