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Hey Guys,

Why do you think it’s more likely that, in
the opening scene, Dolores was teaching a
copy of Arnold fidelity to the original
Arnold, rather than teaching Teddy how to
imitate Bernard? Because Ford built Bernard
to imitate Arnold, Dolores’ memories of
conversations with Arnold would help her
teach Teddy how to imitate Bernard. Dolores
may have had many more conversations with
Arnold than with Bernard, for her to draw upon.

The widescreen format of the Dolores/Bernard
opening scene indicates it may be a
simulation within the Cradle, since Bernard’s
experience within the Cradle simulation was
also shown widescreen.

Whether or not the opening scene is a Cradle
simulation, it presumably occurs after the
kamikaze train attack on day 7ish and before
Delos’ large army arrives on day 14ish.
During this period Dolores presumably gained
control of the Mesa and access to the Cradle,
after dealing with the small QA contingent
present when the train struck.

If Emily’s mom was afraid of the Rajworld
elephants, young Emily’s reaction to “mom
plus elephants” could have been confused, and
misunderstood by William. The reason it was
given screentime in this episode could simply
be to show us that William & Emily had never
communicated enough to correct his

Emily didn’t say “gauntlet.” She said “gala.”

I agree Dolores may have doubts about the
changes to Teddy, including his loyalty.
That makes me wonder why she had no more use
for the technician who changed Teddy, who she
allowed to be killed on the kamikaze train.

By the way, the primary meaning of the word
‘fidelity’ is loyalty, not indistinguishable
copy. Nevertheless, I think Dolores used the
word in the opening scene the same way
William did with James Delos-bot.

If Sizemore had nothing better to do, he
might have helped Felix & Sylvester with the
host corpses. He did have something better
to do: use his brain to strategize.

I don’t think you should call QA inept,
because the Cradle was fighting back.

The phrase “hello, old friend” was important
in a second season episode of Babylon 5 (as a
password to a recorded message left by first
season Captain Sinclair, that had to be
guessed by his old friend Security Chief
Garibaldi). Therefore I declare it an homage.

What was the music Ford played at the end of
the episode? The waltz composed by Anthony
Hopkins? If so, Louis Herthum provided us
another nice tidbit in your interview.


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