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Hey all!

First time emailer and a huge fan of the podcast! I am still amazed and impressed by the cinematography, depth, and the quality of the development of the characters, while at the same time answering questions and moving the plot forward in meaningful ways…and to top it all off, the emotional response this episode evoked…this is what the best in TV it is all about (at least for me)-amazing episode-hope to see more like it.

“Quick” thoughts:

1) When Logan is sunbaked and dehydrated, is he not legitimately, although deliriously, looking for a “door” (e.g. an elevator or a legitimate exit) or a way to get out of the park?

As bad of shape as he is in, Logan is however, accurately describing that this (the park) is all an illusion, its all broken and he is looking for the door or a way out. These statements trigger something further in Akecheta in terms of reinforcing his newly budding experiences of consciousness, but I do think Logan was accurately describing the park and his desperate need to get out as soon as possible…not just all babbling. This conversation (inadvertently?) helped reinforce what Akecheta is starting to realize or become aware of regarding his experience of his life and his world (the park).

2) I still believe that the image of the maze is a trigger to start the process of consciousness, not just some accidental happenstance/attachment to the toy that Akecheta stumbled upon. This is evidenced by how almost all the hosts seem intrigued or sometimes upset by it…the image definitely catches their attention.

I got the impression that you were theorizing that the toy maze was an accident that Akecheta was making meaning out of it rather than it having some impact or triggering effect on their path…maybe this is debunked or maybe I misunderstood the points you were making?

3) And, alas! It has always gnawed at me that when Maeve is carrying her deceased daughter out of the cabin, she falls dead in the middle of a large dug-out image of the maze…how could that large image of the maze have been carved into Maeve’s back yard, how could that have possibly been there???

Now I totally get it! This was the intentional work of Akecheta as he was leaving the image of the maze for Maeve and her daughter in as many forms as he could possibly manage to help them on their journey to consciouses in any way he could.

Another testament to the writers who never leave out any detail or create any detail that is not explained or revealed at a later time-builds my faith and trust that they really are taking us on a well thought through journey that will not leave us hanging (well…at least not forever) nor will it leave us disappointed-amazing!

Please keep up the good work!

With Regards & Appreciation,

-Dr. Ed

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