What’s Really Happening With Logan in S02E08 Kiksuya

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Hi Guys,

Just listened to the instacast – great as usual. Just wanted to point out that Logan is just lost in the park and hasn’t been turned into a host. If you check the season 2 promo, there is a scene of James Delos walking away from a dejected Logan by the pool at the sea-side home in episode 2, Reunion. This means we will have at least one more flashback scene of James Delos after rescuing Logan from the park. This will complete the story arc of James Delos handing control of the company to William, and the beginning of Logan’s downfall.

I don’t know how this episode can be seen as “filler”; this is exactly the kind of episode we needed before launching into the final two episodes. No crazy tin-foil time-shifting and no QA teams shooting everything that moves. The exposition was not only well done, but essential for the story to make sense going forward. Zahn McClarnon (Akecheta) really sold the character well, the cinematography was unlike anything I’ve seen in Westworld so far – overall one of my favorite episodes.

Thanks gents,

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