Where Are Female Dragons?

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Hey guys!

I haven’t read the books, but there is one thing that is bothering me since season one, and it is related to Dany’s legacy.

Where are female dragons?
Let’s remember that Targaryens are “just regular humans” without dragons. What stresses me out isn’t just the possibility of Daenaery’s being unable to bare children, but also HOW WILL DRAGONS REPRODUCE. Why no one talks about this? If I was her I would be in absolute panic, specially after one of my dragons has just been killed.

Even if Daenaerys came to the throne and even if she had a Targaryen child, this doesn’t mean anything if she doesn’t have a plan B regarding the dragons. What happens when they die?

Please help me with this.

Also, I wanted to make an aesthetic observation: notice how everyone is slowly wearing black now (Jorah, Dany, Jon, Cersei, even Tyrion.)? Believe me, this is a reference to the fact that everyone is consciously or unconsciously “taking the black” in order to fight the Army of the Dead.

A minute of silence for Baelish, my favourite character.

Love your podcast, looking forward to your work when Westworld begins again.

Trini, from Chile.

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