Why Did Manhattan Fall In Love?


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Hey Shat Crew,

Really enjoying the show and all your work and accompanying podcasts…definitely helps tie everything together that might otherwise go over my head.

That said, I’ve got a few questions…

1) Why does Ozymandius HAVE to stay on that moon? I don’t recall it being part of the discussion between him and Dr. Manhattan.

2) How is he predicting the future? How did he know he’d need the horseshoe in the cake?

3) Why does Dr. Manhattan simply accept he’s going to be killed(?) by the 7the Cavalry? Surely he could take them all out or simply teleport out of harms way? My guess he knows the bigger picture and is happy with it.
If Dr. Manhattan experiences all points of time at the same time…when is he experiencing for the first time – and so why not take evasive action at that point?

Anyway, snapped up one of those sweet King Bee t-shirts – without the discount code (another reason I should’ve listened to the deep dive first)!

4) What made him fall in love with Angela. He seemed to know she would be in the bar. But why Angela and not someone else?

Mike (London)

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