William Is Peter Abernathy?

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Hi! thanks for an Amazing podcast!

Going to keep this short and stupid.

My stance on the show is that everybody is a host – nobody acts like a human, the good samaritan code (in contrapasso when they shoot into the trainwagon and sure they do similar things in Hollywood just ask Brandon Lee) and the way man in black gets knocked unconscious in ep9 … that is how you get a subdural /epidural bleed and die. Speaking of man in black not for a second do I buy that Logan cutting into Dolores turns William into the man in black ….. more likely the natural progression of Logans character. Speaking of William, any chance he is Peter Abernathy? It’s kind of strange that Peter A has a total meltdown after seeing a photo … unless that photo reminds him of who he used to be?

I’m a bit worried about the end game of the show and I would hate to see it go down the action /corp road. Any thoughts on the end game? We are on mars and the only way to survive is as “human AI:s”

Best regards.

Viktor from Sweden.

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