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Hello Shatworld,

While the post-credit scene implies Robo-William/MIB will become Chalotte’s henchman, I refuse to believe William is dead. His arc for season 3 was to recover from the death of his daughter, face himself and find his purpose. So, having him killed instantly makes no sense and also undermines the post-credit scene at the end of season 2 implying more to come. No matter if we seen a simulation/dream/nightmare or part of a twist ending after some season 4 events, we want to see William hunt robots in the real world as he did in the park. Not a robot cowboy hunting humans like in the 1973 movie(even if would still be cool with a proper story behind it).

Like we seen with Sylvester in season one, neck wounds can be quickly healed with the right tool. The real William is not yet dead and hopefully we’ll see a satisfying conclusion to his story before his eventual immortality.

What do you think?
Hank Green from Toronto

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