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Hello, I’m just discovering your fab podcasts re the great dark and moody Taboo. And I’m enjoying the all-American delivery of your insights in a way that I think only a British person can! Hats off to you!

I listened this evening to the podcast relating to episode six. This episode left me gasping somewhat towards the end with the whole, ‘Take off that fucking dress’ scene (I am a human female, after all!).

But then, piling heightened emotion upon heightened emotion – Winter? Dead? By the hand of James Keziah Delaney? Noooooo! And you can’t see what the attachment is to her for the audience?!

For me it is dazzlingly obvious – we care about her because JKD cares about her. She has a relationship with him that is unique (with the possible partial exception of the wonderfully played Helga – who is, after all, Winter’s mother) insofar as she is not afraid of him; and, on his part, he does not seek to exploit her. Through her we see glimpses in him of a humanity and an appreciation of, if not purity, then at least innocence. At least, that’s why I care.

A possibility: Winter is JKD’s daughter? (There was mention of intimacy between him and Helga…)

Thanks for all your hard mulling and pondering, chaps!

Annie x

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