Woodchopper’s Carving Is Essential Lines of Code

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Hey guys,

Great work on the podcast. I am LOVING Westworld so far and am relishing the chance to put on my tin foil hat each week!

Here’s a theory that I developed during Episode 3 that I have not heard anyone else discuss yet (unless I’ve missed it). When Elsie and Stubbs find the carved statues in the Wood Chopper’s tent, the show quickly throws out the ‘red herring’ that it is carved in the likeness of the Orion constellation. As someone with a vague knowledge of astrology, I immediately questioned this premise, given that it doesn’t resemble Orion much at all.westworld-player-piano-and-orion

It DID, however, instantly call to my mind another image that we have seen repeatedly on the show… the punch holes that feed through the player piano each morning in the saloon. This piano has been featured prominently in each episode, and we already get the sense that the piano starting up each morning is related to the start of each character’s activation and loop.

WHAT IF the player piano is the central computer on-site in Westworld that is literally reading out the day’s code to the hosts? And what if the Woodchopper’s carving is actually illustrating an essential line of code– the one line that keeps the hosts from hacking everyone else apart- and is literally “connecting the dots” on how to dismantle this code, thus freeing all the hosts from the slavery of their daily pre-programmed loops?

Would love to hear your thoughts! –AshleySilver Spring, MD

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