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Lovecraft Country

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Hi y’all,Long time listener first time caller. I just had to drop a quick few lines about the character of Yahima Maraokoti, the Two Spirit person imprisoned by Titus. I was uncomfortable with the full frontal reveal of her body. It’s voyeuristic and a bad call back to The Crying Game. I fully expected her to turn to dust when our heroes grabbed the rolled up pages. She seemed to be trapped by the magic and at the end of her conversation with Tic she returned to sitting with her hand resting on the pages. When she didn’t and actually escaped with the others, I cheered. There have been so few characters that I, a Latina trans woman, could see myself in. I was excited about the possibility of this Two Spirit character hanging around for the rest of the series. When they took her voice away, I thought this was just a way to minimize her involvement in future plots. Then she was brutally killed onscreen. I literally broke down crying. I understand from a plot view having a character who can give the main characters all the answers is a problem but there was no guarantee she would tell them everything or anything at all. Her death was senseless and another in a long line of characters like her dying for other character’s stories. By some strange bit of luck your live show was just about to start after I finished the episode. It was a great help to ‘be with’ other fans right after seeing that. Thank you for that. Gillian (Gily_laughs on twitch) YbabezPs: This is a link to an interview with the actress that also includes a full translation of the Arawak dialogue in the episode. https://redcarpetreporttv.com/2020/09/06/talking-to-lovecraft-countys-monique-candelaria-about-yahima-in-ep4-bts-trailer-interview-hbo-arawak-dialogue-lovecraftcountry/

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