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Hey guys –

I’m re-watching this weeks episode and caught something (I usually don’t catch things until you guys point them out, so I’m proud of myself).

In about minute 48 of the episode, Akcheta is explaining his version of him watching Maeve and her daughter in the prairie house. We see Maeve’s daughter holding her doll and saying something like “Ghost said we shouldn’t be afraid” and then Maeve tells her daughter that no one will ever keep Maeve from her daughter. Then we go back to Akcheta talking to Maeve’s daughter and he says “But that was a promise YOU couldn’t keep”… referring to the promise that Maeve made.

We know from the end of the episode that somewhere during the episode Maeve connects to Akcheta through the mesh network, this might give us a hint as to when that happens.

Can’t wait for the deep dive!

Meg C.

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