Allan Quatermain and The Lost City of Gold (1986)

Allan Quatermain and The Lost City of Gold Tagline: Richard Chamberlain returns in the sequel to ‘King Solomon’s Mines’ –

In our first back-to-back reviews of a film and its sequel, Shat The Movies presents “Allan Quatermain and The Lost City of Gold,” the 1986 flop that answers the question: “what if leftover French fries were a movie?”

In the second half of listener MoonlitTear’s double commission, Gene Lyons boldly declares the movie series that kicked off with “”King Solomon’s Mines”” isn’t quite as good as the “”Godfather”” trilogy. Dick Ebert notes that only four people were credited with the “”Lost City”” special effects, and both Shat hosts struggle to make sense of an economy that’s overflowing with gold but still insists on using slaves.

James Earl Jones did his best to rescue this movie as the anchor to the world’s worst Dungeons & Dragons party, while Sharon Stone earned herself a Golden Raspberry nomination for returning to her role as Jesse Huston.

Was “Lost City” a parable for apartheid or just a terribly misunderstood parody? Listen to this week’s podcast and decide for yourself!

Plot Summary: “Allan Quatermain and The Lost City of Gold” Richard Chamberlain stars as Allan Quatermain, and Sharon Stone portrays Jesse Huston. Together, they lead an expedition with James Earl Jones as Swarma and Henry Silva as Umslopogaas to find Quatermain’s missing brother. Along the journey, they encounter treacherous terrain, hostile tribes, and face betrayal by Robert Donner’s character, Dr. Otto. In the Lost City, they defend its secrets against Otto’s greed. Their thrilling adventures forge unbreakable bonds and leave a lasting impact on their lives.

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