The Monster Squad (1987)

The Monster Squad Quote: “Wolfman’s got nards!” – Horace

Shat listeners were appalled when we gave “The Goonies” more than two wipes. When they hear our “The Monster Squad” score, they might just try casting us into a demon dimension.

This ’80s cult classic taught us what a pastiche was, illustrated how to explode a werewolf, and modeled perfect ’80s parenting. We also enjoyed foul-mouthed kids, easy-to-remember character names, an outstanding montage, Dracula blowing up a treehouse with dynamite, and a corny thumbs-up that would make Van Damme blush.

Thanks to listener Christian in Perth, Western Australia, for giving us one more monster movie to celebrate the spooky season.

Plot Summary: “The Monster Squad” Count Dracula has until midnight to retrieve an ancient amulet that will give him final control over the delicate balance between good and evil in the world. To help him, the creepy Count calls on some old friends; the weird Wolfman, grotesque Gill-Man, mildewed Mummy, and freaky Frankenstein. As the ghoulish group gets closer to the amulet, it’s up to The Monster Squad, headquartered in the local tree house, to pool its questionable resources and stop the monster mayhem!

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