Judgment Night (1993)

Judgment Night Quote: “Attention, food shoppers. We have a special over at the frozen food department, dead meat!” – Fallon

Was “Judgment Night” just “The Hangover” for the ’90s? Was it just “Adventures in Babysitting” but for bros? Or was this 1993 urban thriller a truly experimental film with a pioneering rap-rock soundtrack to match?

Loading up a cast with Emilio Estevez, Cuba Gooding Jr., Dennis Leary, Jeremy Piven, Stephen Dorff and Everlast (yes, that guy from House of Pain) seems like a safe way to score a box-office hit, but believe us when we say this movie brought out the weirdest parts of their acting abilities.

If you’ve ever wished your dude friends didn’t get married, Waze had never been invented and Chicago’s South Side never got gentrified, “Judgment Night” is the movie for you.

If you’re the type of person who can’t keep quiet while being hunted by killers, this movie will make you feel understood.

If you’re a fan of beautiful hair, slasher movies and bringing a belt to a gunfight, you’re in luck. Just don’t forget your cowboy boots and fishbowl RV.

Plot Summary: “Judgment Night” New father Frank (Emilio Estevez) departs for a night out, joining friends Mike (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and Ray (Jeremy Piven) as they head to a boxing match. At the last minute, they are joined by John (Stephen Dorff), Frank’s brother. Stuck in gridlock traffic, the guys take a shortcut that gets them lost. In a very dangerous neighborhood, they witness a murder by a gang leader called Fallon (Denis Leary). They flee, but Fallon now wants them hunted down and and eliminated.

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