Apocalypse Now (1979)

When the daughter of a Vietnam veteran asks you to review “Apocalypse Now,” you answer the call. Both Gene and Dick agree this movie is epic, but the topic of Marlon Brando’s weight sparks an all-out war.

This 1979 adaptation of “Heart of Darkness” is both miracle and masterpiece, expertly depicting drug use (Big D verified) and the convoluted crossroads of the Vietnam War (Gene is a bit of an expert.) The attention to detail, recklessness and introspection hit American audiences with a film unlike any they’d seen before, and the shockwaves still resonate on this 2023 podcast.

Where Dick Ebert sees a disjointed plot, Gene Lyons sees the direct DNA of Joseph Conrad’s groundbreaking novella. And where Gene sees a disappointing ending, Big D tells the story of the John Milius ending that never was.



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