Blood In Blood Out (1993)

Blood In Blood Out Quote: “Vatos Locos forever, ese!” – Miklo Velka

“Blood In Blood Out” didn’t just open our eyes to an undiscovered crime epic, this 1993 drama changed the way Gene talks, the way Big D watches film, and the way Ash plots her stabbings.

Whether you first saw this love letter to East Los Angeles on DVD or through a mayonnaise-smeared YouTube screen, “Blood In Blood Out” hit you hard with its graphic violence, unexpected laughs, promising cast, and surprise sexuality. The action wasn’t exactly “Heat,” but it sure was fun to watch. And who could forget those plot twists spanning a three-hour runtime? It was like The Chicano Godfather.

In this episode, the Shat Crew discusses who would last longest in prison, how far family obligations go, and whether Damian Chapa ruined the movie or was the only man alive who could play Miklo Velka.”

Plot Summary: “Blood In Blood Out” Prison, drugs, and gang war touch three young men (Damian Chapa, Jesse Borrego, Benjamin Bratt) in East Los Angeles. Based on the true-life experiences of poet Jimmy Santiago Baca, the film focuses on step-brothers Paco and Cruz, and their bi-racial cousin Miklo. It opens in 1972, as the three are members of an East L.A. gang known as the “Vatos Locos”, and the story focuses on how a violent crime and the influence of narcotics alter their lives. Miklo is incarcerated and sent to San Quentin, where he makes a “home” for himself. Cruz becomes an exceptional artist, but a heroin addiction overcomes him with tragic results. Paco becomes a cop and an enemy to his “carnal”, Miklo.

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