Nuns on the Run (1990)

Nuns on the Run Quote: “God is very busy. He can’t control all the details. He’s running a franchise operation.” – Brian Hope

When listener Kev commissioned 1990’s “Nuns on the Run,” we were ready for a Shat The Movies sleeper hit. Monty Python’s Eric Idle and Harry Potter’s Hagrid together in a comedy about the English mob and religious orders sounds like a recipe for success. But sometimes too many cooks spoil the broth.

Gene expected another “Withnail and I.” Ash wanted something different from “Sister Act,” and Big D wanted a romantic montage that lasted longer and meant something. We didn’t get any of those things.

But “Nuns on the Run” had its moments: a young Robbie Coltrane explaining the Holy Trinity, a few respectable puns, and some incredible surprise ’90s boobs. We also got an overused joke about eyeglasses, an onslaught of tilted cameras and close-ups, a healthy dose of white male mediocrity, an incredibly English car chase, and surprisingly little running.

Plot Summary: “Nuns on the Run” Set up by their boss to be knocked off following a final heist, soon-to-retire crooks Brian (Eric Idle) and Charles (Robbie Coltrane) get wind of their impending demise and run off with the spoils of their crime. Fleeing their boss, the drug dealers they robbed, the police, and Brian’s angry girlfriend, the two take refuge in a training convent for nuns. In disguise, they convince Sister Superior (Janet Suzman) that they’re nuns, a charade they are forced to maintain as their enemies arrive.

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