Blue Velvet (1986)

Blue Velvet Quote: “I Don’t Know If You’re A Detective Or A Pervert” – Sandy

Few directors have polarized the Shat Crew’s wipe scores the way David Lynch has, and few David Lynch movies are as polarizing as “Blue Velvet.” With odd peccadillos, unsettling violence, over-the-top symbolism and entrancing dreamlike sequences, this 1986 had Ash gushing and the boys cringing.

But talk about a career-builder! “Blue Velvet” changed the way moviegoers saw Isabella Rossellini, Dennis Hopper, Laura Dern and Kyle MacLachlan. It gave us a more straightforward Lynch tale, and it recalibrated the Shat The Movies definition of surprise boobs.

Whether you view it as a masterful depiction of primal human behavior hidden behind a suburban veneer or just a really weird movie with some of the worst dirty talk ever filmed, “Blue Velvet” is definitely one to watch … but maybe not rewatch.

Plot Summary: “Blue Velvet” College student Jeffrey Beaumont (Kyle MacLachlan) returns home after his father has a stroke. When he discovers a severed ear in an abandoned field, Beaumont teams up with detective’s daughter Sandy Williams (Laura Dern) to solve the mystery. They believe beautiful lounge singer Dorothy Vallens (Isabella Rossellini) may be connected with the case, and Beaumont finds himself becoming drawn into her dark, twisted world, where he encounters sexually depraved psychopath Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper).

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