Dutch (1991)

Dutch Quote: “What do you like to do for fun? You like to wiggle and grunt. Me too.” – Dutch Dooley

Thanksgiving movies are difficult to find, and quality Thanksgiving movies are even more elusive. Thankfully, listener Adam R. gifted us with the underrated 1991 road trip comedy “Dutch,” an experience that revealed just how different your Shat hosts are in their approaches to children.

Gene argues sometimes a kid needs to get punched in the mouth. Ash believes there is no reason to hit your offspring, and Big D encourages tough love but draws the line at his mother’s rug beater.

Along the way, the Shat Crew cheers Christopher MacDonald, appreciates Ethan Embry, and questions whether “Dutch” is a great Ed O’Neill movie or just an OK John Hughes flick. We also discuss Gene’s “horny shivers,” Big D’s teen virility, Christmas stress, how to help people in need, and Ash’s first experience with porn.

Plot Summary: “Dutch” Workingman Dutch (Ed O’Neill) is dating the divorced Natalie (JoBeth Williams), and he offers to drive her stuffy 13-year-old, Doyle (Ethan Randall), from his private school in Atlanta to his mother’s home in Chicago for Thanksgiving. Doyle is not interested as he blames Natalie for the divorce and wants nothing to do with Mom’s new boyfriend, especially given the man’s lowly, working-class roots. This pairing makes for a journey filled with bickering, mishaps, and, eventually, bonding.

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