Fire in the Sky (1993)

Before Arizona was the playground of retired athletes and conservative Californians, it was a quiet, spooky place full of Old West ghosts, dusty roads and alien abductions. We’re taking you back to the Travis Walton story with “Fire in the Sky.”

Released in the same year “The X Files” debuted, “Fire in the Sky” terrified a young Gene Lyons, who went day camping in the same woods where aliens scooped up a logger in 1975, slapped jelly in his mouth and stuck a needle in his eye. 

In this episode commissioned by letter carriers Carlos and Natasha, the Shat Crew debates which podcast host is the bravest, when it’s OK to leave a friend for dead and why it’s so hard to believe aliens exist.

Grown-up Gene and Big D see the film’s rebel through new eyes. Ash gushes over David Duchovny (who isn’t even in this movie), and everyone agrees Travis’ friends and family are idiots. Come to think of it, so is Travis.







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