Legend (1985)

Shat The Movies power couple Carlos and Natasha were kind enough to gift the Shat Crew three film commissions of our choice. So we  used the first to fill a glaring omission in the Pantheon of Shat: “Legend.”

Nursing a “Hawk The Slayer” hangover, Ash was a bit worried venturing back into her beloved fantasy genre, but she quickly discovered Legend’s production value was top-notch. Gene was impressed with dwarven heroics, and Big D felt like he was having a bad acid trip.

But all three Shat hosts agreed on three things: Tom Cruise looked ridiculous, Ridley Scott builds incredible worlds, and Tim Curry is a god.

In this episode, your hosts discuss the difference between alicorn, unicorn and Pegasus while plunging into less critical questions, including: Why does Jack abandon his loot? Was the enchanted dress all that enchanting? How long is too long to play Frisbee with metal platters? Are goth girls dirty, sexy or both? Did Darkness deserve banishment? And which version of “Legend” is the right one to watch?

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