Hook (1991)

Hook Quote: “I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!” – Peter Banning/Peter Pan

When Steven Spielberg calls, you take the job. That explains the unbelievable cast of 1991’s “Hook” and its $300 million box office take. But updating the tale of Peter Pan takes some serious thinking. Now that he’s grown up, do you emphasize nihilism and domestic horror? Or is this a silly kid’s movie?

In this episode, Ash explains the literary themes that somehow got lost along the way. Gene posits that Dustin Hoffman is the greatest comedic pirate of all time (yes, even better than Johnny Depp), and Big D makes the case for having children.

The Shat Crew also discusses Thudballing, Maggie Smith’s reverse aging, Peter’s womanizing, Tootles’ doomed future, and how the movie did Rufio wrong.

Plot Summary: “Hook” When his young children are abducted by his old nemesis, Capt. Hook (Dustin Hoffman), middle-aged lawyer Peter Banning (Robin Williams) returns to his magical origins as Peter Pan. Peter must revisit a foggy past in which he abandoned Neverland for family life, leaving Tinkerbell (Julia Roberts) and the Lost Boys to fend for themselves. Given their bitterness toward Peter for growing up — and their allegiance to their new leader, Rufio — the old gang may not be happy to see him.
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