Jaws (1975)

In a surprisingly educational episode, the Shaw Crew learns that sharks are playful, ’70s parenting was utterly irresponsible and Richard Dreyfuss was the original hipster. It’s the summer blockbuster that started it all: “Jaws!”

When listener Tracy C. commissioned this Steven Spielberg masterpiece, we knew we’d be talking about Big D peeing his pants, how good the movie looks in UHD, how what you don’t show can be as scary as what you reveal and why good horror movies kill children.

But we didn’t expect to be praying for Dick’s TV to die, groaning over criminal foreshadowing or praising “Jaws” for its character development.

Was the shark a dick or just hungry? Were Brody, Quint and Hooper just bad at hunting great whites? Did you catch those boobs at the beginning? Dive into these questions and more, plus hear voicemail from Hot Sauce Steve, Jimmy J and a Canadian named Ryley who is definitely a man.


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  1. Jackson Minter says:

    The shooting star was real it was the one that started the trend.

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