Deep Rising (1998)

Do you like pirate movies? How about insurance fraud thrillers? Action films with giant sea monsters? Well, one 1998 movie decided to combine them all and cast Famke Janssen as an international master thief. It’s time for “Deep Rising!”

In this episode, Big D imagines a world where artificial intelligence writes movie screenplays and has the common sense to keep the monster secret until the characters have been established. Gene notes how the entire cast is made of second-stringers, and the King Bee salutes Shat The Movies’ first tentacle-through-a-toilet kill.

The Shat Crew also discusses the M1-L1 Triple Pulse Rifle, overpowered weaponry and how the movie absolutely neglected its most promising character.

The CGI was bad, the continuity was questionable, and the King Kong tie-in was a bit of a surprise, but the Sea Doo stunts might have made the whole experience worth it. Maybe all we needed was Harrison Ford.








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