The Craft (1996)

“My problem isn’t with this movie: It’s with you two.” – Dick Ebert

Everyone’s favorite everyman was flummoxed this week as his co-hosts drooled over “The Craft,” a movie hand-picked for them by legendary Shat The Movies listener Jen D.

When Big D complained that the coven’s four witches were “too hot to be outcasts,” Ash explained she was a hot outcast. When Big D explained women, Ash countered that she is a woman. And when Big D questioned the friendships depicted in the film, Gene underscored the importance of Bagel Dogs in forging bonds.

Was “The Craft” about female empowerment or just a revenge fantasy? Did it tackle serious topics or fail to find a tone? Can $100,000 really change a life, and what really happens at sleepovers? The Shat Crew explores these questions and how many teeth Fairuza Balk has in this episode of Shat The Movies.








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