Splash (1984)

What do you get the mermaid fanatic who has everything? Might we suggest Dick Ebert discussing the sex lives of cryptids and Gene drooling over Daryl Hannah? It’s 1984’s “Splash!”

In this episode celebrating listener Stephanie Q’s birthday, the Shat Crew praises one of the few ’80s slow-motion scenes that works, applauds surprisingly well-developed characters, and worries about how long Tom Hanks would survive under the sea.

“Splash” was Touchstone Pictures’ first release, allowing Disney to flex some of its adult muscles, and we’re grateful. It gave us the chance to talk about The King Bee ghosting Gene on their movie date, Eugene Levy typifying the incels of the ’80s, and “The Boys” venturing into utterly unwatchable territory. Through it all, we witnessed a terrific protagonist in Allen Bauer, who had his priorities straight and dove headlong into love.

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Where to watch Splash (1984)
Where to watch Splash (1984)

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