Student Bodies (1981)

Student Bodies Quote: “Hey, I’m more handicapped than you! I can’t even make love to a woman.” – Wheels

Before there was “Scream” or “Scary Movie”, a little movie called “Student Bodies” pioneered the slasher-film spoof. But was it too far ahead of its time, with too few movies to parody?

In Dick Ebert’s estimation, “two out of eight jokes” are funny in this 1981 trailblazer that made him laugh as a boy. Gene and Ash think that’s generous as the Shat Crew discusses The Breather, jokes about the differently abled, and the magic of Malvert.

Film commissioner Dan in Park Ridge, IL, makes Shat history with this episode, and we discover the racially charged background of the eggplant.

Plot Summary: “Student Bodies” In this seminal horror-comedy, an anonymous killer known only as “the Breather” (Richard Brando) terrorizes the teenagers of Lamab High by killing every student who indulges in sex. The long list of suspects includes the school’s psychoanalyst (Carl Jacobs), nurse (Janice E. O’Malley), principal (Joe Talarowski) and, most surprisingly, virginal student Toby (Kristen Riter), who’s always at the scene of the crime. Toby knows she’s innocent, however, and vows to catch the killer.

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