One Crazy Summer (1986)

One Crazy Summer Quote: “Let me tell you a little story. A story about a little fat kid who everybody made fun of, and nobody liked and he had a twin brother, and everybody said he never looked like his twin brother, but he wanted to…” – Egg Stork

Self-proclaimed John Cusack lovers Ash and Gene were shocked when listener Scott H. commissioned “One Crazy Summer.” A Cusack and Savage Steve Holland team-up we’d never seen? Yes, please!

But Big D knew exactly what we were in for: 1986 was his year to shine, a year when everything was coming up Ebert, and this movie took him right back to those magical days.

In this episode of Shat The Movies, we get into the director’s gratuitous use of animation, how hard it is for a kid to make $3,000, a debate on Bobcat Goldthwait, the difference between love and being wanted by women, and Demi Moore’s singing career.

Big D points out the glaring similarities between “One Crazy Summer” and “Better Off Dead.” Gene questions whether the movie is secretly linked to Tori Amos. And we all shrug at logic being thrown out the window.

Plot Summary: “One Crazy Summer” After graduating from high school, art school hopeful Hoops McCann (John Cusack) struggles to complete his application to the Rhode Island School of Design. Resigning himself to a summer of boredom, McCann agrees to go along with his best friend, George Calamari (Joel Murray), on a family trip to Nantucket, Mass. But, after McCann and Calamari meet rocker-in-distress Cassandra (Demi Moore), it suddenly looks like it’s going to be “one crazy summer.”
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