Interview with the Vampire (1994)

Interview with the Vampire Quote: “Goodnight sweet prince, may flights of devils wing you to your rest.” – Claudia

In each of our lives, there’s a singular moment when you know you’ve got one shot to get it right: a wedding vow, a eulogy, naming your firstborn.

For Ash and Gene, this is that moment. “Interview with the Vampire” was the film that birthed them into the Darkness, a love letter to their sacred New Orleans, and the key to their portals of lust.

But fear not, mortals, Big D is here to guide you through the catacombs of this 1994 gothic horror classic, keeping the podcast grounded lest we sink into Death and never surface.

Is “Interview with the Vampire” timeless and immortal in its perfection, or have the years left it disconnected from a confusingly modern world?

Is Tom Cruise truly Lestat de Lioncourt or just a silly little man in a bad wig? And most importantly: Is Louis de Pointe du Lac a “bitch role,” or is Brad Pitt the most gorgeously brooding creature on Earth?

To explore these questions, you won’t need a crucifix (we’re particularly fond of looking at them), just a strong stomach, an even stronger will, and contraceptives to protect yourself from the flood of infernal sex magic coming your way.

Plot Summary: “Interview with the Vampire” Born as an 18th-century lord, Louis (Brad Pitt) is now a bicentennial vampire, telling his story to an eager biographer (Christian Slater). Suicidal after the death of his family, he meets Lestat (Tom Cruise), a vampire who persuades him to choose immortality over death and become his companion. Eventually, gentle Louis resolves to leave his violent maker, but Lestat guilts him into staying by turning a young girl (Kirsten Dunst) — whose addition to the “family” breeds even more conflict.
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