Internal Affairs (1990)

Internal Affairs Quote: “Clean yourself up!” – Raymond Avila

Most ’80s and ’90s cop movies are cheesy, unfunny, offensive, unintelligent, or a combination of the four. But 1990’s “”Internal Affairs”” joins “”L.A. Confidential”” as a rare police drama that delivers on quality and thrills.

Sporting the worst haircuts of their careers, Andy Garcia and Richard Gere spent two hours trading lethal glares, filthy innuendo, mind games, and silky fabrics. Of course, “Internal Affairs” had the typical ’90s slow-mo shots and hideous sets, but all that was balanced by a buffet of beautiful butts and some forward-thinking filmmaking.

Care to guess the wipe score before listening? We think you’ll be surprised.

Plot Summary: “Internal Affairs” In the Los Angeles Police Department, Officer Dennis Peck (Richard Gere) is a divisive figure, loved by those who are loyal to him and looked on with suspicion by others. His disreputable behavior and dubious finances arouse the suspicion of Internal Affairs and Sgt. Raymond Avila (Andy Garcia) and his partner (Laurie Metcalf) are assigned to investigate. When a series of witnesses are murdered, Avila realizes his life is in danger, along with that of his wife’s (Nancy Travis).

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