Johnny Dangerously (1984)

Johnny Dangerously Quote: “I’ve fulfilled a lot of people’s predictions about me. I’ve become a real scumbag.” – Danny Vermin

An ’80s movie doesn’t have to be the funniest, the most dramatic, or the most action-packed film we’ve ever seen to be important. It doesn’t even need to be popular. 

Sometimes, a movie just needs to bring families together, give us a few chuckles, and bridge the gap between the young mind of a child and the memories of a parent.

“Johnny Dangerously” isn’t Michael Keaton’s best-known film. And it isn’t the pinnacle of Amy Heckerling’s skills as a director. But it’s definitely worth watching. 

In the edition, the Shat Crew discusses premarital sex, running gags, eyeliner, John Stamos versus Christian Slater, “Gung Ho” versus “Mr. Mom,” and whether crime actually pays.

Plot Summary: “Johnny Dangerously” Johnny Kelly (Michael Keaton) lives a double life: at home, he’s the good apple, looking after his ailing mother (Maureen Stapleton) and sexually obsessed brother, Tommy (Griffin Dunne). But his not-so-secret life is as Johnny Dangerously, an up-and-coming criminal being groomed by local gangster Jocko Dundee (Peter Boyle). Johnny’s crime money puts Tommy through law school, but, when his brother becomes district attorney, Johnny must protect him from the murderous Danny Vermin (Joe Piscopo).

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