Little Giants (1994)

Little Giants Quote: “That’s no cheerleader. That’s my niece, Becky… She’s pissed.” – Kevin O’Shea

Steven Spielberg famously decided to make “Little Giants” after seeing a McDonald’s Super Bowl ad and exclaiming, “I want my ‘Home Alone!”

He didn’t quite get a blockbuster children’s movie, but Spielberg might have been on to something. When you combine Rick Moranis, Ed O’Neill, and a bunch of misfit kids with football and fart jokes, parents can’t help but feel squishy.

But Gene Lyons isn’t a parent. He also isn’t a moviegoer who will tolerate easy stereotypes, inorganic relationships, dumb training montages, or sports movies with trick plays.

Who will win the day in this review? Will it be Ash with her cutthroat views on child performance? Will it be Big D with his football history? Or will it be Gene’s hatred of storied sports franchises? It’s a gridiron clash here at Shat The Movies!

Plot Summary: “Little Giants” Ever since childhood, nerdy Danny O’Shea (Rick Moranis) has felt inferior to his brother, Kevin (Ed O’Neill), a former college football star. Danny runs a gas station, while Kevin coaches the local youth football team. When Kevin’s team rejects Danny’s daughter, Becky (Shawna Waldron), because she’s a girl, Becky convinces her dad to start a rival team, though the city can support only one. To prove himself against his brother, Danny begins coaching his team of misfits for a playoff game.
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