Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Maximum Overdrive Quote: “Jesus is coming and he is pissed!” – Bill Robinson

Every child of the ’80s remembers “Maximum Overdrive,” that cool horror movie where cars come alive and a green goblin semi-truck tries to kill Emilio Estevez.

What we don’t remember is how high Stephen King was when he decided to write and direct a film in which guns aim themselves, kids get run over by steamrollers, and aliens attempt to use cosmic broom against mankind.

Still, there’s a lot to enjoy about “Maximum Overdrive”: the AC/DC soundtrack, a murderous soda machine, truck stop love, newlyweds, Big D’s selfishness, and of course the beautifully weird color of ’80s blood.

Plot Summary: “Maximum Overdrive” After a comet causes a radiation storm on Earth, machines come to life and turn against their makers. Holed up in a North Carolina truck stop, a group of survivors must fend for themselves against a mass of homicidal trucks. A diner cook, Bill Robinson (Emilio Estevez), emerges as the unlikely leader of the pack, attempting to find an escape plan for himself and the survivors, who include his boss, Bubba Hendershot (Pat Hingle), and a newlywed couple.

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