Police Academy (1984)

We know what you’re thinking: “How did it take you 348 episodes to get to Police Academy?” The truth is we just needed one brave citizen to step up against that crime and commission this 1984 comedy giant. Shat The Movie legend Adam R. answered the call.

With the six film sequels and the animated series that followed this movie,” it’s easy to assume the original “Police Academy” stands strong on its own. Steve Guttenberg is at his hunky Jew best. Kim Cattrall brings some spice to the mix. And G.W. Bailey is hilariously hateable as Lt. Thaddeus Harris.

But this movie has some problems. The Motormouth joke gets old pretty fast. The cadet roster is unnecessarily overloaded. Many of the jokes are tired and predictable. And Big D really didn’t care for the ending.

What surprised us most in this 2023 viewing was how progressive “Police Academy” was, how anti-establishment it was for a police movie and how many boobs came out at the bonfire party. One thing’s for sure: We’ll never look at a lectern the same way again.

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