The Quick and the Dead (1995)

What do “The Quick and the Dead” and NBA Jam have in common? Is loose clothing appropriate for quick-draw competitions? How many flashbacks is too many?

Commissioner Edwin instructed the Shat Crew to drink a few beers and have fun with this episode, and we were happy to oblige. Technically, Big D drank decaf coffee, but Gene made up for it with a few Red Trolleys.

Along the way, Dick Ebert offered explosives advice and narrated “The Quick and the Dead” camera movement. Gene noted moments where he could feel Joss Whedon’s influence, and both hosts agreed its pretty cool to see a kid shoot her dad in the face.

For those listeners deeply invested in our chronic discussion of Gene Hackman vs Kevin Spacey, this episode settles the matter once-and-for-all while tipping a hat to Sam Raimi’s unmistakable style.







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