The Blood of Heroes (1989)

If you made a mashup of Shat The Movies films, “The Blood of Heroes” might be the result. It has a dose of “Mad Max,” a pinch of “Blade Runner,” two tablespoons of “Robot Jox” and just a hint of “The Sandlot.” Definitely an acquired taste.

Rutger Hauer returns to a dark, wet dystopia in this 1989 sci-fi cult classic that spawned the real-life game of Jugger and reminded Dick Ebert of all the niche sports he discovered in the early days of the pandemic.

“The Blood of Heroes” piqued the Shat Crew’s curiosity in a way few movies have, leading to questions about post-apocalyptic aristocracy, water conservation, armor design, measuring time in stones, nerd dream girls and the logistic of carrying large furniture as luggage.







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