Young Guns II (1990)

Of all the ’80s movies that needed a sequel, “Young Guns” wasn’t one of them. But when you quadruple the budget, beef up the cast and toss in Christian Slater, the Shat Crew (and commissioner Kelly B.) certainly will saddle up.

This 1990 Western is more “The Ballad of Brushy Bill Roberts” than an accurate retelling of the events following the Lincoln County War—with questionable wound care, incredible distances traveled, oddly accurate “wanted” posters, terrible Old Face and the notion that anyone would want to boink William Petersen.

In this episode, hear about Big D’s powwow adventure, play “Navajo or Shakespeare,” learn how a Jenny Wright nude scene could possibly be a bad thing and decide whether Aragorn really needed to be in “Young Guns II.”







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  1. Nope says:

    Unsubscribed because of this episode. No one wants a podcast starting with a gross declaration about anal sex. I liked your show, and put up with some of the talk, but this was too much. Please realize that women would also like to listen to your podcast, and that people with kids would also like to be able to listen. “Posh Spice takes it up the ass” sung over and over is beyond disgusting.

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