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Hi guys,

I’ve been loving your show and plan to listen avidly to future shows, but I think you guys fell asleep at the switch in your last podcast, as you have missed a few theories that seem quite plausible (maybe even obvious) to me. Perhaps you’re all just getting swept-up in the fantastic story-telling of the last two episodes and your analysis has taken a back seat? 😉

1 – On tonight’s podcast you guys completely missed that the title, Trompe L’Oeil (French<https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_language> for “deceive the eye”, is referring to the fact that Bernard was a host and himself embodied a walking Trompe L’Oeil whose inhumanity was only revealed in this episode (he is just a beautifully rendered work of art that deceived the viewer). The title also nicely harkens to the new Trompe L’Oeil (aka host) which will take the place of Theresa, and indeed perhaps already has taken the place of any number of other “human” characters, perhaps even Ford himself.

2 – The commercial application of the hosts and their associated IP/code (for Delos) is immortality for humans. Although it hasn’t yet been revealed, I believe a human’s sentience can be downloaded into hosts (either with or without their original memories, ala Bernalbert and William/Teddy), and that capability is found at the center of the maze. The MIB isn’t getting any younger and his objective is to reach the center of the maze to obtain immortality in the form of a host that will “never leave the park again”, in his own words. He may also, like Delos, want the IP.

3 – The MIB is Logan. Trust me. One very telling piece of proof is that both Logan and MIB repeatedly use the same words and expressions. One example: in Episode 5, Logan describes the town of Pariah, by saying, “some of this world feels like it was designed by committee and market tested,” and in Episode 4, the MIB says to Hector in the jail cell: “You always seemed like a market tested kind of thing.” Nothing in Westworld is a coincidence guys…

4 – William is Teddy. They both: (1) love and interact with Dolores in a very similar manner, (2) awkwardly bump into the same man upon first entering Westworld, and (3) start-out sleeping against the window of the train before entering the park. Also it’s hard not to miss that Dolores says to him upon first seeing him, “you came back” and has other lines that hint that she knows of his life before he became the bounty hunter he is now. Somehow, at the end of the first timeline, perhaps in the maze, becoming Teddy is William’s fate, whether self-chosen or forced upon him. This brings a brilliant symmetry (and closure) to the fact that the MIB (Logan) “requires” Teddy (William) to (re-)accompany him during the 2nd timeline 30 years later. The MIB may want to experience and understand how to obtain that same immortality and escape his consciousness of the outside world.

Anyway guys, some of the ideas above may not pan-out, but I’d be honored if you’d share some or all of them on your next Telegraph.

Warm regards and keep up the great work! – Rich W.
(from Truckee, CA)

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