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Folks – first of all, a big thank you for all of your wonderful WW coverage this season – it has been a great journey!

A few comments on this season:

– We got a scene with Rebus – love anything that Steven Ogg is in!!

-The season finale certainly felt like it could be the series finale based on the last episode. A lot of fan favorite line call backs, an “end” to a lot of characters and a very Lear-like end, in terms of the wheel coming full circle. Lets see???

– This season had a great underlying theme of nature over nurture. Billy Bot (William) is the most in your face example of this but all the hosts “suffered” from a maslowian tendency to retain (and revert) to their basest desires and needs… just like us humans.

– Another theme for this season was the fact that all sentient life forms (bio and non bio) will face a great filter. The concept of a great filter is a solution to the Fermi paradox ( a question posed by the legendary physicist Enrico Fermi that “if the universe is in theoretical probability teeming with life, why can’t we see it”). The great filter solution to the paradox says that all sentient life faces an existential crisis during its development that can result in its destruction – for example an inability to manage nuclear power, environmental mismanagement and in the case of the WW world, an inability to control AI. As such, few, if any, sentient life civilizations are able pass the great filter test. Again, this could be tied into our nature at the end of the day being more powerful than our nurture?

Finally, felt like a rushed finale (could have done without all the Caleb and his daugher story line all season) but ready to move on to the House of the Dragon starting next week – hopefully plenty of juicy machiavellian politics, dragons roasting people and good old Targaryen incest!

Take care and the best to you all!

Tom from Chicago

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