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Hi, Shat Crew. Long time listener, first time writing in.

I wanted to share an idea I had about the Veidt plot line that I haven’t heard kicked around elsewhere, and hear your thoughts on it. I want to preface my idea by saying that I agree with King Bee that Mr. Phillips is a copy of Dr. Manhattan.

So, what if the Ozymandias story is a weird retelling of the biblical Genesis? Phillips and Crookshanks would be our Adam and Eve, Dr. Manhattan would be God, with Ozzy playing Satan.

We have a man and a woman who are totally innocent and naive about the world outside their garden, which Veidt called both a “paradise” and a “prison.” A God who created them, but is no longer around. And a Satan who looks down on God’s creations for being servants with no free will. And maybe those weird tomato-trees are a goofy forbidden fruit reference?

Maybe part of Lady Trieu’s plan is to further Veidt’s original idea of creating an outsider to unify humanity against. Maybe like Satan, Ozzy will trick Crookshanks and Phillips into full consciousness, then these newly awakened alien “supermen” can fall to earth for all of humanity to hate and fear. Maybe that’s what landed at the Clark’s farm.

Or maybe it’s just a fun reference that has no bearing on the plot at all. Or maybe it’s not even that, and I’m just full of shit.

Anyways, thanks for all you guys do. You make an already great show even more fun.

Mike from NY

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