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Hi shat crew, Dan here from London. Long term listener right from Westworld season 1 and I’m also a weekly listener of shat the movies so thank you for all the hours of entertainment and work you put in. I’m a self confessed obsessive over Westworld, I’ve watched all previous seasons multiple times and will probably binge this season to see it as a whole. But like you and many others, I was disappointed overall because it felt rushed and seemed to pander to an audience that didn’t want to think too hard.

So… Call me Christine the Storyteller because I have an alternative ending for Caleb which I think addresses some of the flaws of this season.

[Record new pitch]

Moments after Frankie meets host Caleb we get an action packed shoot out against deadly duo Charlores & Clementine (Clem’s just there for some extra screen time), and host Caleb gets a bullet right between the eyes. Overcome with conflicting emotions Frankie drags her host dad to safety and after a flash of intense grief remembers this is a host body – her dad’s consciousness is in his pearl. A gut wrenching scene ensues as Frankie breaks open Caleb’s head like a Kinder Surprise Egg (remember those American listeners?) Inside she finds the white plastic housing of the control unit shattered to pieces, the brain ball inside reduced to dust, or is it goo like Hector’s? The rules on that one aren’t clear.

Anyway, We get another wave of grief from Frankie as she realises her father is dead, like DEAD dead. In this scene we’ve achieved a more ceremonial death for a character (of which the show is severely lacking), and also learnt that certain bullets can shatter the control unit – doing away with the scene where Charlores spells that out to us. I swear that multiple times in this season a host could very nearly break the fourth wall, look straight down the camera lens and tell us what is happening. As an aside, Charlores literally does this in episode 6 – go back to the scene where she’s talking to Clementine whilst looking out of the window, her gaze is actually reflected in the glass directly at us as she says “These humans, their petty defiances, everything they do is so small it’s exhausting.” I got the goosies. I needed more of that subtlety, those pay-close-attention-or-you-could-miss-something moments. Please please please show runners, if you get a chance at season 5 which I really hope you do, don’t dumb it down – after all we are Westworld fans.

Dan from London.

P.s. has anybody mentioned that the outro music on a lot of your podcasts this season glitches out and sounds all chopped up? I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the file you pop onto the end and then don’t actually have time to listen to through, but it’s bugged me several times and nobody has seemed to notice haha!

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  1. Dick Ebert says:

    Thank you for the heads-up on the outro music. We have found the problem, and if we get Westworld season five, it won’t happen again.

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