American Gods Episode 2

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Dear shat

We just used up every bad comedy set up in one episode. Then, tech boy calling out all the flaws, the fried chicken gag with Nanci. Just a snowball of bad tropes.

Anyways, i’m almost certain the shadow =jesus parallels are obvious to the non book readers at this point. Blind faith, torture, and a crucifix in case that’s all not enough.

Shadows childhood flashbacks weren’t all that bad, until the terrible fight sequences where shadow became a skilled fighter overnight. They appear to be going back to racism in America, depicted horrendously, id very much appreciate if they drop that altogether if they can’t do it correctly. I think gene mentioned this before, but it’s obvious when racism is portrayed by a white person rather than someone with credibility. This appears to be the case here.

This episode was not as strong as episode 1, and despite the terrible well of jokes, and physical comedy, I semi enjoyed it. I appreciate the attempt to give emotional connection to shadow. I dont think it was good enough but it’s getting there for me. I don’t appreciate the comedy, it’s largely a swing and a miss for me. None of it was that funny at all, despite it being “classic humor”.

I totally see a mad sweeney, Laura romantic relationship coming, the signs are absolutely pointing towards it. I am unsure how that will go, but it’s the best relationship they have on the show no doubt.

Fellow shatter and fan,

Kenny P. (Ducammun)

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