American Gods Missed Astor Egg?

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Hey Guys,

All praise Jez Bell, first off i just found your podcast and coming from true crime pods, this is a nice breathe of fresh air in podcasting. well rounded hosts and great outlooks on interesting topics and your approach.
So heres my take, you guys were un clear and speculating on why in 3rd or 4th episode season 1, Mr Wednesday tasks Shadow to get a1 or 2 cell phones, then while driving Odin throws them out the window…so why did he have Shadow pick them up in the first place?
heres my hypothesis, you mention Mr Worlds companions and or lackeys are Mr Road, he also in cohoots with Techno Boy, (great character) btw love to hate him. So in purchasing and then destroying the phones, smiting his idols or fruits, seen as a smite to TB? perhaps weakening Techno Boy? To desicrate his image?

Thats all, short and sweet. To all you guys contributing in the pod and those in the Shadows, ie. Jez 🙂 thank you and i couldn’t be any more impressed, 13 horns up W/ x13

Jason Desira

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