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hey guys
sorry about the dig on Roger and the gun knowledge I posted on the Website lol

OK, first time emailer, but I have been listening since WW and Taboo.

I have a question about the actual podcast..
For WW and Taboo what seemed to be the most fun and interesting portions of the podcast (and take up 50% of the run length) were the “tin-foil hat” moments. where the audience and host were trying to figure out and piece together what was going to happen next and what all the little details meant to the story and characters. and that was “great radio” and made for a fun and entertaining listen. You guys do that, the tin-foil, so well.. It’s what makes you the best podcast for TV shows out there..
that all said..
American Gods..
I am like Big-D and have not read the books. But with Gene n Roger having read them already… how is this going to work?
there will be no tin-foil discussions because 2/3 of the Team already knows the answers to the question… 2/3 of you know how the story ends.. and I am just guessing but 50% of the listeners probably do to…

so I guess I am wondering how the podcast will go… how you keep the winning formula from WW and Taboo there for American Gods if half of your audience and 2/3 of the Crew already know how the story ends?

Where is that going to leave the other 50% of your listeners who want to hypothesize about what we “think” is going to happen? Or who are used to tin-foil hating each episode?

I am just curious on you guys thoughts on this and if ya’ll had given this any thought in advance.

and keep up the GREAT work!
you guys are my first podcast and I am really into it and enjoying what you do


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