How Do Americans Know About Delaney Incest?

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Hello gentlemen this is Joe from Utica again.

This is go into tin-foil hat territory.

This weeks episode got me asking the question, how do the Americans know about the history of love/incest between James and his sister. Now one possible source ive come up with is that in anticipation of the estate of Horus being passed on to his daughter the Americans began to spy on her to find a way to get the land, this is before James comes back to London, and they continue the information gathering to then get to him. This would allow them to hear Thorne’s rants and see her behaviors and bring them to that conclusion.

Another explanation to this is that Brace is now informing on James to the Americans. I would think that Brace knew about the past history of the children under his care and thus would be able to provide the Americans with that kind of leverage. This also could pose the question of if Brace could have been working with the Americas prior to all of this for a move on the land. Now for this to work it would mean brace did indeed poison Horus and shows a logic behind it.

Lastly if the duel between James and Thorne does happen, I think James uses it to emasculate Thorne publicly and put him in his place. Thorne challenged him to a duel while drunk out of his fucking mind and I can only see this backfiring on him.

Still loving the podcast, keep up the good work gentlemen.

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