Are Seasons 1 And 2 Irrelevant?

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Hi all, first time writing, and I won’t be long.

Episode 5 was very entertaining, but it didn’t feel like Westworld at all. Not only the characters or the directing style, but the plot just killed season one and two for me.

Dolores left season two with the promise to dominate the real world so her species can thrive. So far she has only brought caos to the world without any progress on her main go.

The park and all the data Delos collected for decades seems to be irrelevant now. Prior seasons defined the data value on two premisses: 1- predictability of actions
2-eternal life through a host body

First aspect became irrelevant once you have a system so powerful that already feeds itself with new data, because it already controls everything. Besides, it doesn’t only predicts, the system acts on people life’s to ensure the desired outcome.

Second aspect it’s just improbable, since no matter if you are rich or poor , your future is already pre determined by the system. There is no choice or expectation for a future. I know that people don’t know that, but certainly the people from Delos do.

Love the show…

Jonatas from Brazil

Ps: loved the Brazilian president with a worst accent than Serac Ps 2: I can’t pronounce or even spell the system’s name.

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    A lot of this season has felt like a totally different show. You are not alone in that frustration.

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