Artists HIDE Themselves in Their Work

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Hello boys, Ivan from California here, please forgive any typos as I am writing on a phone before class.

I wanted to bring light to a quote from way back that has more meaning now. Ford tells Bernard that the gift of his family from Arnold was because of Arnold, a lonely man who was crippled by misfortune and only formed an attachment to the hosts, was an artist, and quote,”artists hid in their work”.

As a photographer, this flew right over my head, but I’ve been subscribed to the idea that Arnold is dead and that the aberrant behavior was because of legacy code and I think this was a clever way of telling us Directly this could be a possibility.

Could Arnold actually be “Arnold.exe” and triggered in case Ford abuses the hosts badly.

“Your imagined suffering makes you real” after all. Arnold actually hid in his work (programming) and tied suffering to the program.

Is Arnold even still alive?

Thanks guys for your time, LOVE the show. Cheers!
– Ivan Ly

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