A Better Method For Killing Littlefinger

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Long time listener, first time writer, avid GoT watcher but never read…here’s my prediction for the ending and better method for taking out Littlefinger. I do respect the method Sansa took to call out Lord Balesh infront of the Knights of the Vale; however, what if: We see Arya confront Littlefinger, kill him, and take his face to test Sansa; in that test and through the dialogue Sansa proves herself a loyal Stark. Arya is offset by whatever brilliant dialogue is writ, and in that moment Sansa cuts “Littlefinger’s”(Arya’s) throat with the dagger Arya gave her. Arya dies unable to speak and unable to pull back the face. This leaves Arya to die and be entombed as Littlefinger! As Sansa knows Arya is an assassin, so her disappearance wouldn’t be surprising. Fast forward to the Night King raising ALL the dead at Winterfell including Ned Stark, Rob and Caitlyn…but also LittleFinger/Arya. As decomposition would not have set in as much, the only thing that is falling off…is the face of Balesh revealing to Sansa(as she would have to be the one who discovers this) That she has truly killed Arya…and then Wight Arya eats her face: mirroring the death of Bolton. Now let’s consider that Bran has time traveled back to prevent the making of the Night King and becomes the King instead. Thru some brilliant writing we find that Bran/Night King had actually come to aid the Starks. Perhaps Bran discovers Cersai’s plan to abandon the North and believes the only help he can give is to try and prevent the Night King being made. So following this premise, the army of the dead avoids Winterfell and sacks all coastal towns as it marches to King’s Landing. Importantly, one of the towns sacked should be Old Town, killing all the Miesters and destroying the Library. This sets the end scene where the only miesters left are those assigned to castles; Samwell becomes head miester and the show ends with him closing the book that is titled, “A Song of Fire and Ice.” This is most likely the ending for the following reasons: 1. The Citadel is destroyed and so it falls to Sam to write the world’s history the best he can from memory. George R. Martin most identifies with Sam. And this ending makes Samwell Tarley the most important character because without writers, there are no heros, history or story. 2: . The Great War(and Cesai) kills all things magical, Dragons, Dead, Lord of Light, and the majority of great houses decimated . This sets the world to be in “break the wheel” fashion, and so a Palimentary government comes to fill the void. So eventually this history that Sam is writing becomes folklore then fiction.

Other sub plots

Danarys and Jon have no qualms and no time for hesitation regarding Jon’s true parentage. Danny’s loss of a dragon makes her pregnant and unable to ride the dragon, so Jon has to ride, he and Drogon are killed in battle. This enrages Dany but to prevent her from riding the remaining dragon while pregnant(cause they need an heir, Tirion rides. This calls back to when he frees the smaller dragons(they needed him) to now when he needs them. Also, it feeds the fanfare for Tirion being half Targaryen.


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