Can This Show Survive 5 Seasons?

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Hey Guys,

I’m a little concerned about the shows longevity after watching season 2. Do you think ratings will be a factor or has HBO already green-lighted multiple seasons? I feel like season 2 got so confusing that it will lose what casual views it had from season 1. It personally reminds me of the show Heroes. Amazing season 1 but then things started getting crazy with body swapping and in-depth twist. I love the end game of getting host out in the real world but there are too many mysteries and twist without good character development. This is where Lost got it right. The character development was so great that I was glued to the tv for 5 seasons waiting for the next answer to the many mysteries.It was a good mix. I have even gone back and rewatched the show even though season 6 was a dumpster fire/middle finger to all the fans. I really hope things change in season 3 because I will not be able to continue much longer if I am constantly confused, wondering who is or is not a host. I need characters that I truly care about. I was getting there at the end of season 1 but this season I’m not sure if there is one character that would have caused me to shed a tear if they died. Maybe it is hard to connect with a host character? Maybe we need more humans with important roles moving forward. Thanks for the amazing podcast.

Max Lester

P.S. Thanks Big D for responding to Steve’s Lost email last episode. I was very triggered when hearing the claim that there were no unanswered questions!

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